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Ethel is a sweet older dog, about 9-years-old, looking for a family who may not want the commitment and hyper energy of a younger dog, but brings the joys of having a dog as a best friend. Weighing 30 lbs and in good health, she was abandoned at the Short Hills Mall about 2 years ago and now sits in a kennel at a vet's office, waiting for a home. Ethel is great on a leash, will jog or stroll, will fetch & return the ball as enthusiastically as any pup. Being older, she sleeps well, even with a crate, and is not high maintenance.


Ethel is particular about who she likes, both human and non-human, but if she likes you, she loves you! Ethel is very sweet and affectionate, loving human snuggles!

Ethel will need a dog-experienced home where patience should bring out the best in this lover of life. Ethel is house trained and spayed.


She is available for adoption through Furry Hearts Rescue in Maplewood, NJ - if you would like to meet her, please email:

Tangerine Dream



Mitch & Martha

Have you ever dreamed of having a tangerine cat? Tangerine Dream is your boy! 
This friendly guy was trapped and neutered and put outside, but he kept trying to get inside. Finally a good neighbor brought him into rescue and here he is shown after his bath and all snug in his bed. 
Now all he needs is a home to call his own. 
Anyone who has ever dreamed of such a cat will be quick to tell you that they do not come along everyday. Redheads are snatched up quickly and this boy is hoping that you are on your way!

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Contact:  Morgan Le Fay Cat Rescue:


Sweet Lilly was left at our vet's office when her owner passed away. Each morning she waits for someone to come and rescue her and take her home. Each evening she watches sadly as one by one the staff closed the cage, locks the door and heads for home, leaving her with only the sound of a barking dog in a neighboring cage.
She has waited so long, won't you be the one to take this very gentle older cat home and give her the love that she had long ago when she had a home of her own.

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Contact Morgan Le Fay Cat Rescue:

This gray boy is very sweet. Smokey was saved from a high kill shelter and is front declawed. He is grateful for his rescue by a volunteer at People for Animals.

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Contact Morgan Le Fay Cat Rescue at:

Mitch and Martha had a shaky start in life. They were rescued from a home with too many cats! As we tried to find homes for about 50 kitties a very kind rescuer fostered them and helped them to become the adorable little felines that they are. Mitch is currently taking one pill a day for his thyroid and Martha his best friend relies on Mitch to give her extra special attention and affection. They are a loving pair who like to groom each other, play together and share secrets as you can see in the picture above.
Mitch is the more outgoing and Martha is a bit shyer but she will probably become as confident as Mitch when they settle into their forever home. They were moved from their foster family who is moving themselves and are now sadly sitting in a cage waiting for another chance.
Please be that chance for them.

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